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Top-Rated Mold Removal Services in Charlotte, NC

Certified Mold Removal Services for a Mold-Free Home

Have you noticed mold growth lately in your home?  Mold growth can be quite upsetting, especially since it may pose health risks to everyone living in your household. 

Luckily, you don’t need to suffer and live with the mold growing in your Charlotte home; we work hard at Crawlspace Xperts to provide you with the most effective black mold removal near you.

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What are the Signs of Mold Growth?

Mold might seem harmless at first, but it can cause plenty of health problems for the entire household. Mold is capable of causing asthma attacks and other allergies to those who tend to suffer from them; you must get rid of mold growth as soon as possible before it causes any harm.

So what are the signs?

Are you experiencing respiratory problems?

While many other problems can cause respiratory issues, sometimes mold growth is to blame. If you or a member of your household has been experiencing frequent coughing fits and wheezing, then it might be time to look for mold growth before it destroys your health as well as your home.


Discoloration of surfaces such as paint and wallpaper can also be an indication that mold has been growing somewhere in your home. This is because mold spores contain some chemical components that can discolor almost any surface. If you notice this in your home, we highly suggest hiring an expert for mold removal in Charlotte, NC.

Is there water damage?

If you’ve been noticing watermarks on ceilings or walls in your home that seem to keep appearing after you clean them off, check for mold growth also; it’s another sign of just how much moisture is present in the air around your house.

Is your basement flooded?

If you keep coming back to a flooded basement, there is likely a high level of moisture in the air that hasn’t been able to dissipate; this leads to mold growth. Basements are notoriously damp places, so it might be time to check for mold growth if there has been flooding more than once.

Call Us for Guaranteed Mold Removal Services in Charlotte, NC!

The experts at Crawlspace Xperts are dedicated to removing mold growth from the homes of our valued customers. We are one of the best mold removal companies in Charlotte, NC

Our team can help you determine whether or not your home is infested with mold, and if there is any damage it has caused thus far, we can then provide solutions so that all of your mold problems will be solved. Call us today at (980) 281-2404

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