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Protecting your crawlspace doesn’t have to be expensive!

At Crawlspace Xperts, we want to make crawlspace solutions accessible to every homeowner and business in Charlotte, NC. While we work hard to provide you with competitive prices, we understand that some customers still have budget limitations. Therefore, we offer money-saving deals once in a while. So when you need it, you can have it – and still, keep some bucks in your pocket. It’s also our small way of helping the community.

We offer a wide array of crawlspace solutions, including but not limited to crawlspace encapsulation, moisture barrier, mold remediation, and dehumidifier.  

So don’t forget to check back regularly on our special page, so you don’t miss our latest offers and promos! Or you can contact us at (803) 524-8045, and we can discuss how our team can work on your budget or figure out the best yet affordable solution to your crawlspace needs.



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