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Mold is a type of fungus that can be found almost everywhere. Since mold is a humid and dark areas, the best place to grow them is your crawlspace. Besides moisture, another reason why mold grows well in this area is that it is rarely checked. So the humidity stays longer without anyone noticing it.

When you want to get rid of mold in the crawlspace, the first thing you might do is remove everything from it and then clean all visible signs of mold. But this is actually a big mistake, especially if there’s no evidence of more serious problems, such as leakage or rot.

Although mold spores can cause allergies and other health issues, they exist naturally outdoors and even indoors where we don’t really notice them. Removing your furniture will just remove their food source and make things worse. Instead, call an expert who can test for hidden moisture and recommend effective crawlspace solutions based on their findings.

It is a method of sealing all entry points of water and air into a building. It includes removing all electronic devices from the crawlspace, completely covering it in plastic sheeting, and sealing all penetrations through foundation walls or floor slabs above the crawlspace that lead to the building interior or roof.

A new modern approach to crawl space encapsulation has been developed, which doesn’t negatively impact indoor air quality. This is made possible with an advanced approach to air filtration using modular block technology instead of typical fiberglass filters found throughout most houses with encapsulated crawl spaces.