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Quality Moisture Barrier in Mint Hill, NC

There’s a dark, humid truth creeping beneath your home and this is especially true if you are living on top of an exposed dirt crawlspace. The great enemy called moisture is quietly seeping into your floors breeding mold or wood rot. Thankfully, there’s a ray of hope beaming from beneath. 

According to Crawlspace Xperts, your #1 trusted local crawlspace specialists, most homeowners like you aren’t familiar with moisture barrier Mint in Hill, NC, and how it benefits the spaces beneath your homes. So before we tell you more about why you need them installed, let’s give it a solid definition first.

Moisture Barrier Mint Hill

What is a Moisture Barrier?

It is a thick plastic sheet installed throughout the crawlspace of the home to prevent moisture from entering. To prevent moist air from rising through your home’s structure from lower areas, like the crawl space, a defense needs to be in place. This is where a moisture or vapor barrier comes in.

The job of a moisture barrier in Mint Hill, NC might seem simple, but a high-quality vapor barrier can actually protect your home from damage and even make your house more energy-efficient over time by bringing down overall humidity levels.

But there’s more! Moisture or vapor barriers also:

  • Protect your flooring from water damage
  • Limit damp environments to stop mold growth
  • Reduce soil gases, like radon or methane
  • Improve the quality of air inside the home

Installing the Moisture Barrier

Equipment / Tools

  • Utility knife
  • Extension cord and portable work light
  • Garden rake
  • Tape measure


  • 6-mil minimum thickness clear polyethylene plastic
  • Double-sided butyl tape
  • Poly PVC tape designed for crawl space sheet installation
  • Trash bags

The Process

Moisture or vapor barriers are not difficult to install, but they can be labor-intensive due to the crawling on hands and knees involved. You can find a contractor to do the job for you like our Crawlspace Xperts team or find at least another person to assist you in passing items through the crawl space door, rolling out the plastic, and taping the seams.

Having a good work light is also essential for working safely and efficiently in the cramped space beneath. Here are the steps to install a moisture barrier at home:

Find your crawl space entrance.

It could be outdoors, along the perimeter wall of the crawl space. There might also be an indoor entry hatch in a closet, pantry, or utility area. But if your floor has wall-to-wall carpeting, you may notice a square seam that indicates a hatch door.

Get your crawl space as dry as possible.

Remove wet materials. Set up fans. Use a dehumidifier or a pump to discharge any standing water. It may take a few days to dry out the crawlspace before you can lay vapor barriers over the ground.

Clean the crawl space.

Remove any debris especially sharp things that may puncture the plastic. Use a garden rake to level out the ground as much as possible.

Prepare the plastic sheets for installation.

Start at one side and lay down 6-mil or thicker polyethylene plastic over the entire crawl space. Cut the sheets to fit, allowing at least six inches along the walls. The seams should be overlapped by no less than 12 inches, and the poly PVC tape should be used to secure them together.

Apply sheeting to walls and piers.

Cut the plastic sheeting to fit around inner supports, and seal the plastic against the supports with double-sided butyl tape. 

Improve the ventilation of your crawlspace.

This will prevent any residual moisture from being trapped in the space. As most crawl spaces have inadequate ventilation, bring your vents up to code to help moisture issues. You may also install an electric vent fan system to keep your crawl spaces dry.

Crawlspace Xperts to the Rescue!

We guarantee superior products and solutions for your home including the installation of a quality moisture barrier in Mint Hill, NC. Contact Crawlspace Xperts today at 980-281-2404 or connect with us online to schedule an inspection.



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