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Fungal Growth in Mint Hill, NC

Fact: It is estimated that about 20 billion board feet of wood are destroyed in the United States annually. Yes! And each year, it costs homeowners billions of dollars in treatment and repair costs. Cause of damage? Water and fungus.

That’s why our team at Crawlspace Xperts reminds homeowners like you to be proactive when it comes to preventing damage from fungal growth in Mint Hill, NC. Early detection and treatment can help you treat the problem with greater ease and also save you a significant amount of money.

Fungal Growth Mint Hill

What Causes Fungus to Grow? 

Fungus can form when wood and moisture come together. Your crawlspace can become infested with either of the two types of fungi. 

  • White Fungus. This type occurs when the wood is consistently wet. It is normally caused by standing water or leaky pipes. 
  • Brown Fungus. Found in humid conditions.

For fungus to grow, four conditions must be met:

  • They are everywhere, even in the air we breathe. 
  • Desirable Temperature. Fungi prefer the same temperature as our humans, and even some colder temperatures, too. 
  • Fungal growth requires organic food sources, particularly cellulose which is found in wood. 
  • The growth of fungi requires a relative humidity of at least 70%.

What Causes Fungal Growth in Your Crawlspace?

Standing Water

This can be caused by a drainage problem, flooding, or a plumbing leak.

Ground Evaporation

Moisture evaporates from the soil around your crawlspace and condenses in the cooler crawlspace air. Water can also evaporate from the foundation walls.

Outdoor Air

Through vents, you can get moisture-rich outdoor air into your crawlspace. As a result, the crawlspace’s relative humidity is increased.

Follow these steps to prevent fungal growth in your home’s crawlspace:

Check your crawlspace humidity.

A digital thermo-hygrometer with a remote sensor can be installed in your crawlspace to measure humidity. It is important to measure the humidity in your crawlspace so that you can determine whether the percentage is high enough to foster fungal growth in Mint Hill, NC. If so, you will have to take measures to prevent it.

Remove moisture in your crawlspace.

Inspect the crawlspace yourself; if you are not able or comfortable doing so, call our professional team at Crawlspace Xperts to get the moisture inspection done for you. This step will help you identify the root of the moisture problem which could include a leaky pipe, a drainage issue, etc. Get rid of or resolve the sources of the problem.

Perform Borate treatments.

Using borate to treat wood can prevent any future fungus growth from recurring.

Wood treatment or repair

If your wood is not significantly damaged, wood treatments can be used to strengthen and repair it. A significant amount of damage may require you to replace the affected wood and then treat it to prevent a recurrence.

Consider a complete crawlspace enclosure.

Crawlspace enclosure helps keep moisture out, saves you money on energy bills, keeps pests at bay, and improves the general health of your home.

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