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Quality Drainage
in Ballantyne, NC

A good drainage system is vital to protecting your property against water-related issues. It keeps the water away from your structural foundation and roofs, reducing soil erosion and damage to property.

Crawlspace Xperts believes that hiring a trustworthy company that installs drainage in Ballantyne, NC is the key to achieving the goal. However, not all service providers are the same, so it is crucial to be selective before getting one.

Crawlspace Xperts prides itself on being a top-tier drainage system service provider in Ballantyne, NC. We don’t just get the job done, but also make our customers patronize our services.

Drainage Ballantyne

Elements of Quality Home Drainage System

When installed properly, your home drainage system protects your investment and helps you avoid costly structural repairs. Essentially, its primary function is to prevent excess water from pooling anywhere in your home.

A good drainage system installed by Crawlspace Xperts has the following qualities:


The design of the house drainage system should match the need and size of the area. It should help in sewage and wastewater management to prevent water supply contamination. A properly designed system eliminates condensation that triggers the proliferation of mildew and molds. It deters moisture accumulation that inhibits the development of these contaminants.

Well-designed drainage prevents stagnant water in the yard that can damage your plants and grass. Excess water and moisture can cause insect, pest, and vermin infestation. They are breeding grounds for these pesky creatures. Moreover, puddles, dry patches, and soil erosion can make your lawn unattractive and looks messy.


The drainage system must have enough space to handle unexpected or prolonged rainwater without compromising its usual performance. The gutters should be sized accordingly to the roof slope, the area’s average rainfall, and other defining factors. There should be matching downspouts and other accessories.


Exposure to changing weather conditions can cause the degradation of materials. Professional providers of drainage in Ballantyne, NC like us, use high-quality materials that can withstand harsh elements. The common materials used are copper and standard galvanized steel.


A home drainage system aims to route the rainwater away from the property. If not correctly installed, it will defeat the purpose and lead to additional expenses to remedy the situation.

A professional service company has a team of experienced and skilled technicians who deliver a satisfying outcome. The installation techniques are as important as the types of materials used to ensure that quality.

Warranty & Workmanship Coverage

Knowing that your chosen service provider offers warranty and workmanship coverage provides peace of mind. We offer a lifetime transferable warranty to show appreciation when you hire us for home drainage installation needs.

Protect Your Property. Call Us Now to Get the Job Done!

Don’t let your investment suffer from unexpected situations that can damage or make you feel unsafe. Choose a licensed service company that complies with the industry’s work standards and building codes.

Many customers have trusted Crawlspace Xperts for years because we do it right the first time around. We also provide maintenance services for the drainage system.

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