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Is There a Problem With Your Crawlspace?

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Crawlspaces are often out of sight, which makes them easy to forget about. However, without regular care or proper crawlspace services in Fort Mill, SC, your crawlspace is vulnerable to moisture, heat loss, vermin, and a variety of other problems.

In addition, these frequent issues can damage your house’s foundation, cause high energy bills, and introduce pollutants into the air you breathe.

Keeping up on crawlspace maintenance is critical for the air you breathe and the long-term health of your home, with as much as 40% of the air in your house coming from below ground.

Keep reading to learn more about your crawlspace and how crawlspace services in Fort Mill, SC help prevent future problems there.

What is a Crawlspace?

A crawlspace is a below-grade space between the bottom of a house’s foundation and the earth. They are often enclosed by wooden, metal, or plastic lattice that allows airflow to help with moisture control.

They can be used for storage or laundry, but most homeowners regard them as an underutilized space. Crawlspaces are sometimes thought of as damp areas because they contact soil, which is always at least slightly damp. But this is not invariably true; some soils are bone dry while others are perpetually wet.

Crawlspaces are typically constructed between four and six feet high, though they may extend as low as three feet or as high as seven feet in some homes.

If you’re a potential buyer or live in an area near water or a marsh, investigating the crawlspace is part of your home inspection. You need to ensure it receives regular care and crawlspace services in Fort Mill, SC.

If you’re thinking about moving to the area, don’t overlook the crawlspace when offering a property.

What is the Difference Between Basement and Crawlspace?

Crawl spaces are typically under houses and can be found in all homes. They’re the low-clearance area responsible for keeping your house off soil, with natural nonmechanical methods like crawl space vents preventing moisture buildup.

Good thing it’s easy to install top-quality floors in basements. The area is also a great place to play poker with the guys after work, build model cars (or spaceships), host book club meetings, whatever floats your boat.

But what about your crawlspace; what makes it different from a basement?

Well, the easiest way to describe a crawlspace is that it’s like an open basement. A typical floor cavity in a house will be about three feet high with insulation above and below the joists—just like you find in most basements. This is your standard “crawlspace.”

A crawlspace differs from a basement because it has less headroom and typically lacks the insulation and waterproofing of actual living space. To ensure the area stays functional and in good shape, homeowners need professional crawlspace services in Fort Mill, SC.

Common Crawlspace Problems

There is nothing more frustrating than living in a home that seems to always be hosting a few unwanted pests no matter how clean and tidy you keep it. This becomes even more frustrating when the pests are lurking just out of view, infiltrating your crawlspace and making your family’s life miserable.

If you’re dealing with any of the below crawlspace problems, then it might be time to have crawlspace services in Fort Mill, SC to get around them:

Condensation on Your Exterior Walls

Excessive condensation can happen on the exterior walls over time if there is too much moisture in your crawlspace. If this happens, you could see water seepage and damage to your foundation and floors, leading to mold and mildew growth.

Water on the Floor of Your Crawlspace

If water is on your floor, you are not getting fresh air in your crawlspace. This means a higher chance of mold growth, which can cause all sorts of health problems for your family. Not to mention it can be an unpleasant smell.

If this happens and you don’t get rid of the cause, then you will have to deal with permanent damage and costly crawlspace services in Fort Mill, SC down the line if things aren’t fixed early enough.

Roof Vent Leaks

This issue occurs when older wooden roof vents rot and become damaged, causing leaks because they cannot support themselves anymore after so many years. Once again, the problem is moisture infiltration which means you will need to dry out your crawlspace. In addition, you will have to redo or replace your roof vents.

Poor Ventilation of Your Crawlspace

If there is a poor ventilation system in place, then this can cause some serious problems. The lack of fresh air not only causes a higher chance for mold growth and odor issues, but it also makes the perfect environment for pests, such as spiders, to thrive in.

This means they will make more frequent appearances outside of their crawlspace, which can be dangerous if they live near sensitive areas like the kitchen or bathroom where food is prepared and cleaned daily. Schedule crawlspace services in Fort Mill, SC to fix the problem.

Insects Inside Your Home

Sometimes bugs from your crawlspace end up running for cover inside your home once you open the door down into it. This can be a huge problem if your home is filled with the heavy scent of the pests themselves; you might not even realize they’re there.

Getting Rid of Crawlspace Problems Permanently

When dealing with any crawlspace problem, the main thing to keep in mind is that time is not on your side. If you don’t deal with it early enough, you could face extensive structural damage that cannot be undone easily or cheaply.

The longer you wait to deal with these issues, the more expensive it will become to fix them. So try and stay proactive about each of these problems by taking preventative steps now by scheduling crawlspace services in Fort Mill, SC before they become permanent.

Here are some easy ways to prevent major crawlspace problems from arising:

Replace Wooden Materials

If you have wooden roof vents that are damaged or rotting over time, then replace them with stronger ones that can support themselves better against weather conditions. It would help if you also replaced those made of wood as they will deteriorate faster than metal versions and be more susceptible to rot damage.

Work On Your Ventilation

Crawlspaces need fresh air circulating through them regularly, so make sure your ventilation is working properly, and any cracks or holes either get insulated or sealed off completely so no pests can enter from above ground level.

Keep Your Crawlspace Dry

Try to keep water out of your crawlspace by installing a sump pump, moisture curtains or heavy drainage valves in the walls. Call the pros to provide crawlspace services in Fort Mill, SC for any of these tasks.

Install a Vapor Barrier

One of the most effective methods to prevent moisture intrusion into your house is to install a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier, often known as a crawl space cover, is a large plastic sheet placed over the base of a crawlspace to cover any exposed dirt fully.

Work on Encapsulation

If a vapor barrier alone isn’t enough to handle moisture and ventilation issues, encapsulation may be an excellent alternative. The first step in this process is the installation of a vapor barrier combined with sealing tape and coverage of walls and ceiling areas. Drain tile, a sump pit, pump, concrete, insulation, and dehumidifier are all necessary components for accurate dehumidification.

Beef Up Your Insulation

In your location, the overall climate may determine whether or not you need to insulate your crawlspace. In warm or dry areas, only the area between the floor joists can be insulated. In extremely cold temperatures, though, protecting both the walls and closing off the crawlspace is most effective. A professional can assess your crawlspace’s condition, provide advice, and oversee the insulation process.

If these problems continue to plague your home or need expert services to handle all those tasks for you, don’t forget to enlist the crawlspace services in Fort Mill, SC from a trusted company. This will help you avoid any costly structural damage and keep your family safe from health problems like mold, mildew, moisture issues, and other unwanted elements later on.

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Your home’s crawlspace is one of its most important components because it’s responsible for keeping unwanted elements out of the rest of your house. Unfortunately, even when you aren’t doing anything to damage it, things can still go wrong if you don’t take proper care of it. 

If you need a professional to care for those problems, we are the right team to call. We are dedicated to providing our customers with complete solutions for all their crawlspace needs, including crawlspace encapsulation, vapor barrier, drainage installation, sump pump installation, mold remediation, crawlspace stabilizer jacks and more.

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